Thank you India

There’s always something to learn abroad. My trip to Delhi (India) taught 8 important things, one for each day I stayed there.

I wrote down them while I was there in a notebook and I now I am going to share them with you.

1. Poor people really exist. They have no job, no house, no food, no clothes, and no aim in life. They basically live in the streets, not only sidewalks, but also streets, roads, even guardrails, can you imagine it?

2. While I was having my dinner I asked to an Indian boy – why don’t you use a knife? – He said – I prefer my fingers – That’s it. I realized the human body has everything we really need.

3. It’s 10.30 am and a bomb blasted about 3 km far away from my hotel. I asked to an Indian boy – how is the situation out there? – he answered – it happened so far away, you are safe, don’t worry – I realized that if you and your family are still alive, you don’t have to worry. So just live your life. Just live your present.

4. I went to a restaurant, after my lunch they asked me to fill a form to understand if I was totally satisfied by the service. One question asked me – has the guitar 6 strings? – What I understood was that perfection only comes through smallest details.

5. I had some time to spend on my own. And you know what? I really enjoyed the silence.

6. Then one day I read on a commercial poster something like – earth is dear than God – after 10 hours there was the earthquake. It lasted just 10 seconds but when it finished, the only think I thought was – earth is so nice place where live in, I must preserve it every day – .

7. Then comes the water. So much water. And naked children swimming into it, like it was a sea or a swimming pool… and again, I realized what poorness means.

8. Finally I found something, something you can call love. Truly and deeply love, that kind of love you experience just once in a lifetime. When culture, age, religion, language don’t matter and only feeling matter. And I call this happiness.

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